Fair or foul?


Is it Tebow Time yet?

Posted: October 1, 2012 in Sports
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With the jets offense being non existent at times. Is it Tebow Time yet? I say yes. The Jets are 2-2. No need to panic,right? Wrong! To say this offense has been awful would be too kind. Their best offensive player at this point, is only used in gadget plays. Before the jets miss the playoffs and Rex gets fired, they should try to shake things up. Go out fighting!!! If the jets want to win and ignite their team and fans. Then the answer is clear. It is Tebow Time


Was this a catch? what should the NFL do?

Kicking it old school

Posted: September 18, 2012 in Sports
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Kicking things off


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This is the WR for the Florida gators.


This is another reason why Bama will win the SEC.

Roll Tidddddde

Has the church failed? Listen to this young boy sing in church.

Pooch needs to do whatever he can to stay on the show. He could go back to selling jeans. Enjoy!


I am so confused I got so many options but don’t know which one to choose.

The red ones are my favorite. They Accentuate my personality. They have a little color but not to much, kind of my reality. I need them to just play their position, not be too loud screaming for attention. I need them the be comfortable because it’s no telling what we will go through.

Or maybe I will just choose the brown ones. They can be about business but still have fun. Often over looked because they seem to lack flare but you need that understanding you’re glad their there.They have a special talent they can go with anything.

How can I forget the black ones. I mean the real black ones. The ones who will not be out done. They are bold so you know they are in the room but they’re classy as well so they know how to keep it cool. When at fancy outings they always in fit in. Sometimes their value can be reduced, not considered as pretty as the other two.

Then you got the multi colored ones who are all mixed up. They don’t quite know where to stand. They represent differences but display similarities. They represent the beauty of variety. Their fun but confused don’t quite know how they want to be used. Do they want to be embraced for their multi layers or simply represent for the dominate flavor.

I could just go with the white ones they seem to have a lot of fun. Their plain but can be intriguing . They look basic but that could be misleading.You can’t keep them around long because as soon as some dirt come their gone.

I am so confused I got so many options but don’t know which to choose, but i guess that’s the problem when you have too many shoes.

I still love her

I met this girl back in 83 and from day one it was her and me.

She was crazy wild she stood out from the rest she had substance & style.

Other girls had major attraction but this Girl is who you call to make amazing happen.

She didn’t need the label of a big name, she was comfortable in her own brand doing her own thing.

I was mesmerized by her grimy Beauty and I wanted to be her forever.

People used try to talk to her they got shot down because they never had the courage to walk with her.

She made grown men fear trying to approach her was like accepting a challenge in a game of truth or dare.

It doesn’t matter how many girls I visit. No girl can ever measure up to her and when I have a daughter guess what I’m naming Her? Brooklyn!!!

I’m sorry Brooklyn I didn’t want leave you but I got caught up in some stuff that was illegal.

I love so much I never let you leave me . That’s why I shout you out all the time I hope you see it.

I know things change but i hope you never do. I hope you maintain your wild personality but bring down your weapon casualties.

I hope you still let movies use as you as a back drop, so the world can continue to see the borough with drive and ambition no one can ever stop.

Keep bridging the gap between reality and pretend. Continue to Exposé those whose plans are sinister. Brooklyn jigga may be your king but I’m your prime minister.

Posted: May 30, 2012 in The literary stylings of McBreezy
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